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5 Reasons Why All Moms Need Me Time

Me time, what is that you ask? If you are a mother, then you know that me time is few and far in between. I am a mom of an almost 3-year-old and sometimes things can get crazy! Sometimes, I feel guilty when I want to step away for some time to myself, but I have learned that I can no longer skip out on having time alone. Being a mom is a rewarding job, but it is also hard…

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Why I’m Upgrading My Skin Care Routine with Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant

This post is a sponsored collaboration between myself and Dove. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. I am a busy mom on the go. From meetings to conference calls my schedule can be very hectic. I don’t like to talk about it a lot but, I suffer from embarrassing sweaty underarms sometimes. I am always so self-conscious to when I wear bright colors because of my sweat. Colorful dresses and blouses are pretty, but I typically avoid…

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