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5 Ways to Promote Hair Growth

How to retain length

Are you looking for ways to promote hair growth?? Hair growth seems to be a really hot topic within the natural hair community. While I am not obsessed with hair growth like I used to be when I first went natural, it is still a popular topic of discussion. Now I am more focused on healthy hair over anything else. I am practicing staying consistent with my healthy hair regimen and taking care of my hair. I am here to tell you that even though you may feel like your hair is not growing, it is. Your hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month. I know many curly girls long for length, and I wanted to provide you with some tips on ways you can promote hair growth.

Scalp Massaging

I will admit, I don’t own a scalp massager yet, but I think I am going to invest in one. When I first went natural, I thought that it was something that I didn’t need in my regimen, until I recently saw my girl Amina Marie‘s post about it in one of her YouTube videos.

Honestly, I usually just use my hands, but a scalp massager can help you to get the blood flowing to your scalp which will, in turn, promote hair growth. You can get you a scalp massager here.

Drink More Water

In my 2017 Hair goals post, drinking more water is one of the goals I set for myself. I don’t drink enough water but water is essential to your overall health, and it also helps with hair growth since it keeps your hair hydrated from the inside out.


Jamaican Black Castor oil is known to hep aid in hair growth. Rosemary oil is another oil that is often used to help stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth. Apply these oils to the scalp on a regular basis to help increase hair growth.

Steaming Your Hair

My weekly deep conditioning session involves steaming my hair. Steaming your hair helps to promote hair growth, stop breakage and also adds moisture to your hair. There are so many amazing benefits of steaming for your hair.

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Take Vitamins

I am not good when it comes to hair vitamins, but I have started taking CURLS Blissful Lengths liquid hair growth vitamin. I am going to track my growth and see how much my hair has grown in 6 months. Cheers to healthy hair and retaining length in 2017!!

How do you promote hair growth?


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