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Tips For Surviving Your First Trip to Walt Disney World With a Toddler

Disney World is the most magical place on earth. As soon as I told my daughter, we were going to Disney World her eyes lit up! I have never been to Disney World, and I was excited to take my daughter and husband.

I was attending the MOM 2.0 summit in Orlando, so I decided to make a family trip out of it and bring the family along. I was excited and also nervous to visit the most magical place on earth because I had never been before so I didn’t know what to expect, especially with a two-year-old. I am a planner, so I plan out everything. So, of course, I planned out what we would do while at Disney World. My advice is that plans may not always go as you planned lol so just be open!

Best Tips For Disney World With a Toddler


Yes, that’s right. Planning is a major key for going to Disney World with a toddler. The secret that no one tells you about your trip to Disney World is that it’s fun but it is also very exhausting. You need to have a plan before you get to the park.

  • Decide on which day you will visit and which park. We did 2 parks in one day, but I don’t recommend that especially with a toddler. It’s a bit overwhelming to visit two parks in one day. Next time we go, I will plan to stay longer and visit one park a day.
  • Know what time the park opens and if your hotel has a shuttle to and from the park and what time they arrive. The shuttle came to our hotel at 7:45 am and picked us up at 8 pm. There were specific times so make sure you take note.

FastPass or Bust

If you ask anyone who’s been to Disney World before they will tell you about FastPasses. FastPasses will allow you to get to the front of the line for the park’s most popular attractions. Plan for your FastPass experiences. Know what you want to do the most and plan to use your Fast Passes for that.

Rent a Stroller

This was the best decision that I ever made! Your stroller will be your “savior” when roaming Disney with a toddler trust me. Your child can rest in it while you wait in line, and you don’t have to lug your stroller from home on the trip. They have waiting areas that you can park your strollers while you get on rides and at attractions. The good thing is that no one even bothered our stroller while we left it! They also give you a name tag for your stroller that helps out! Once you rent a stroller from one park, you have access to it all day at the other parks as well, so you don’t have to pay twice!

Download the Disney App

This saved me! The Disney App is probably the best tool for helping you navigate through Disney. It has features to help you plan and play at Disney! You can explore Walt Disney World Resort on the interactive, GPS-enabled map, find out how long the wait times are for attractions and rides and also browse restaurants and make reservations! You can also find character greeting times and locations, and select and modify your FastPass options.

You can get the Disney app here.

Take Breaks!

With a toddler, you have to take breaks. You have to eat, and you can’t just keep going basically. We stopped and had some lunch, and in the process, Riley took a nap. I was relieved because I knew that Riley needed a rest in between our sightseeing, so it all worked out well. I suggest that you don’t do more than one park on a day like we did. It will definitely tire out your child. By the time we got to our hotel Riley was completely wiped out! Take your time and

I suggest that you don’t do more than one park in a day like we did. It will definitely tire out your child. By the time we got to our hotel Riley was completely wiped out! Take your time and have fun!

Overall Disney World was a blast, and I am glad that we went. I learned a lot on how to navigate Disney with a toddler. I hope this post helps you guys out!!

Xo Michelle


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