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4 Tips To Protect Your Natural Hair For A Blow Out


Looking for tips to protect your natural hair for your next blow out? Ready to flaunt your hair straight for a few days? We are all scared of that little word…Dun dun dun… Heat damage! There is good news. You can safely blow out your hair to prevent heat damage. Here are a few ways to help you protect your hair for your next blow out.IMG_0414



Make sure you have your style in mind before proceeding

I always like to checkout YouTube for my latest style before I begin, to see how much heat I will actually need and use for the style.

Dry your hair

You always want to let your hair dry a little before you blow dry. It’s not a good idea to blow dry your hair while it is soaking wet. I usually braid or twist my hair. Let it dry for a few hours, then proceed in blow drying my hair. From my experience this has helped tremendously.

Use a heat protectant

You always want to use a heat protectant. Yes ladies, this is a MUST. I NEVER blow out my hair without some type of heat protectant. Most leave in conditioners double as a heat protectatnt. But, I go to extra mile and use both. My stylist always told me that she uses a heat protectant with sillicones. Yes I know I said the S word, but silicones are actually your best friend when blow drying. It helps form a barrier and protect your hair from losing moisture due to the heat.

Do your hair in sections

Blow Out your hair in sections. Don,t try to just race and finish. Take your time making sure each section is properly protected. I actually apply my heat protectant to each section before blow drying. This way I make sure the heat protectant is evenly distributed through my strands.

Hope this helps you the next time you prep for a blowout. How do you prep for your blow outs?


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