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Curl Chat With Kim Kimble & Her New Bounce Back Curl Line

KK2_414aWhen you get the chance to interview a celebrity hair stylist with years of experience in the hair care industry you jump on it! She has styled many celebrities like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga to name a few. I am so excited that she has come out with a hair care line for us curly girls! I had a chance to chat with her and ask her a few questions.

HEN: Congrats on your new hair care line that will be available in Sally’s! What made you decide to create your own product line?

KK: My Kimble Beauty Bounce Back Curl line was something that I had been working on. I created the Kimble Beauty Bounce Back Curl products because it was something that I wanted and needed for my clients. Now, I’m thrilled that it’s available at Sally’s Beauty Supply stores nationwide and on their website so that everyone has access to my products.

HEN: What do you love best about curly hair?

KK: I love curly hair the best because it has volume and versatility. I love volume. Not only does it have volume but also it creates shape and fullness. I love flat hair too but for someone like me, volume flatters the most.

HEN: Which product from your line is your absolute favorite?

KK: The Curl Revitalizer was the first one from the Kimble Beauty Bounce Back Curl line that I created. It’s a great product for curly hair that gives great hold and will not make it hard or dry it out.

HEN: What do you love most about the natural hair community?

KK: I love it because we have found new ways to share. It’s an amazing thing to have happened.

HEN: Any events coming up that will showcase your product line?

KK: I am planning to visit more of the Sally Beauty locations that sell the Kimble Beauty Bounce Back Curl products to meet more consumers. I also love education and am planning more education. Check out my twitter page (@KimbleHairCare) for constant updates on events and appearances.

HEN: Anything else you would like to tell the curly girls about your product line?

One of the things that I would like to share with curly girls about my product line is you are able to create a cocktail, which I love. The cocktail is called the Kimble Curl Cocktail and it uses all three products from the Kimble Beauty Bounce Back Curl line. It’s a curly cocktail revolution and makes your curls bounce back without stickiness. The products work very well together. I hope that you try them and like them.


It was such an amazing opportunity chatting with Kimble! Congrats on your new line! I love it!

Have you tried the new Bounce Back Curl Line?


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