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DIY Scrub For Oily Skin

This DIY scrub for oily skin is perfect for anyone with combination skin or oily skin. This year I told myself that not only will I take better care of my hair, I will also take better care of my skin. Good facial masks are a must have it is super easy to make your own at home. Related: My 2017 Hair Goals Suffering from oily skin is sometimes a hassle, especially when my oil regularly comes through my makeup.…

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My Favorite Black-Owned Beauty Brands

With a few days left in February, this Black History Month has been a great one. I make sure to show support of Black-Owned businesses in my household 365 days a year I wanted to highlight some of my favorite Black- Owned beauty brands. I love going to my local Target, CVS, Walgreen’s and Sally’s seeing all of the Black- Owned hair and beauty brands on the shelves. It makes me smile to see how far the beauty industry has…

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Inspiration Lifestyle

The Power Of Positive Thoughts: Changing Your Mindset

I honestly believe that “It’s All Good, Even When It’s Not.”It’s important to see the positive in everything.  Amazing things started happening for me when I stopped complaining, being negative, and blaming others. In my early twenties, I was a very negative Nancy, and I would complain about my life, and why my life was not the way that I envisioned it to be. I learned that I had to refocus my thoughts and understand that I thought my life was going…

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Beauty Self-Care

Why I’m Upgrading My Skin Care Routine with Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant

This post is a sponsored collaboration between myself and Dove. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. I am a busy mom on the go. From meetings to conference calls my schedule can be very hectic. I don’t like to talk about it a lot but, I suffer from embarrassing sweaty underarms sometimes. I am always so self-conscious to when I wear bright colors because of my sweat. Colorful dresses and blouses are pretty, but I typically avoid…

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car review events

5 Reasons To Attend The Chicago Auto Show

This post is in collaboration with She Buys Cars. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. Last week I had the opportunity to attend the 2017 Media Preview of the Chicago Auto Show. I attended with some incredible influencers from She Buys Cars! I had a blast getting to see all the latest cars and learn about each car. Surprisingly, women have a significant impact on car purchases. Women make up 80% of car purchases. Yes, that is correct…

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