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Hair Typing is Not For Me

Hair typing eh…

As Naturalista’s we can get all wrapped up into hair typing. 4A 4B 3c! What is all of that you ask? The hair typing system was a system created by Andre Walker.  He created the Andre Walker Hair Classification System which is used by many hair professionals and naturals today to classify their hair textures. See the hair type chart below.



We tend to spend so much time being put into categories, really our whole lives. For applications, ethnicity, eye color, shoe size, bra size! Really right? So why do we need to group ourselves into a category based on our hair? I just focus on the health of my hair.  Since starting to just focus on the health of my hair, I have stopped worrying about what hair type I have and I am really able to understand what my hair likes and dislikes. To be honest, If I did hair type I would be totally confused because each strand of my hair is different, Literally LOL!  I will say that with products and styles, it’s definitely a process of trial and error, and also PATIENCE… I cannot stress that enough. Without that…. I would be lost!

I can agree on using the hair typing system for some things, like for helping you decide what products work best on your hair. But as far as being grouped into a category based on hair type… I don’t do that. I don’t like when I am always asked, what’s your hair type? I will always smile and say, “oh I don’t hair type, My hair type is H-For Healthy.”

All “hair types” are beautiful. No matter If its curly, kinky, tightly coiled, wavy, straight. It’s all beautiful. The one thing I love about the Natural hair community is that we are able to come together and help one another.


Do you hair type?



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