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4 Ways I Teach My Daughter To Love Her Natural Hair

Photo Credit Ali Stone of Those White Walls My mother relaxed my hair at a very young age. When I found out I was having a girl, I knew that I would never do the same to her hair. Growing up I was not taught much about my natural hair at all. I honestly didn’t know that I could return my hair to its natural state. Over the years, I have learned so much about how to care for my…

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HEN HAIR & BEAUTY natural hair Product Review

Product Review | Jane Carter Curls To Go + Wash & Go

Jane Carter Curls To Go

Do you have super curly and coily hair?  Jane Carter dropped a new product line made just for us super curly girls called Curls To Go. This line is ideal for curly girls with type 4a-4c hair. I am sure you have noticed the buzz on the internet about this new line, and from what I have seen so far everyone is simply impressed with this new line. I was super excited when Jane Carter reached out to me to…

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Be Kekoa Tamanu Oil + Tamanu Blends

I am so excited to tell you guys about Be Kekoa Tamanu Oil. I recently interviewed Brandie Kekoa of Be Kekoa and asked her about this amazing healing oil. Please tell us the story behind your Tamanu Oil Brandie: “My interest in the tamanu nut came about as I was experimenting with various products to develop my product line. I read about the potency of this oil and sought it from various sources such as Amazon and various health food…

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#GirlBoss Hair Care Inspiration

#GirlBoss: Brandie Kekoa Of Be Kekoa

Photo Credit

Photo Credit: Be Kekoa This month is all about the #GirlBosses that inspire me. Up next is Brandie Kekoa of Be Kekoa. Brandie Kekoa is a Healthy Hair Artist and the founder of Be Kekoa Hair Studio, and she is a 3rd generation hair care professional. Brandie has years of professional experience and continually educating herself on industry changes. Brandie is very passionate about her company’s mission to empower women to exude pride and confidence in their naturally curly hair. She focuses on…

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5 Ways to Promote Hair Growth

How to retain length

Are you looking for ways to promote hair growth?? Hair growth seems to be a really hot topic within the natural hair community. While I am not obsessed with hair growth like I used to be when I first went natural, it is still a popular topic of discussion. Now I am more focused on healthy hair over anything else. I am practicing staying consistent with my healthy hair regimen and taking care of my hair. I am here to…

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