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3 Ways To Speak Life Into Your Children

Photo Credit: Ali Stone

Being a parent to a toddler isn’t always easy. But being a parent is such a rewarding job. Our children look up to us, and we help mold them and teach them. I have found that my husband and I have a bit of a different parenting style than most and that is ok.

Even before I gave birth to my daughter, I never thought any negative thoughts on the birthing process. You always hear horror stories from your peers on how bad giving birth is and what they had to go through. The truth is, the situation is what you make it. If you manifest bad energy and thoughts, then you are attracting that sort of experience to you.

The same thing goes for the future of our children. If you are constantly saying or voicing how your child can’t do this, or can’t do that, you are attracting that negative energy to your child and hindering them.

Riley is two years old and in a baby dance class. We are preparing for a recital in June where the children can either dance on stage with us or without us. Last week the teacher posed a question to the moms in the room. “Do you think your child will be able to do the dance on stage without you?” My answer with no hesitation was, “Yes, Riley’s got this she is a big girl and doesn’t need mommy on stage.” The other parents’ replies were, oh it depends on the day, and my child will not be able to do it with or without me, so we will just see. Now I understand all toddlers have meltdowns, so sometimes you never know what you are going to get. But, I still choose to speak positive affirmations over Riley. My answer was yes that she would be just fine on stage without me. I was the only parent who responded in a positive way.

Speak life into your children and don’t hinder them. I have faith that Riley will do great in whatever she does, and I choose not to speak negatively about her life.

Photo Credit: Ali Stone

How to Speak Life Into Your Children

Positive Affirmations

I speak positivity into my daughter daily. If she tells me she can’t do something, I tell her that in fact, she can. I help her to understand that she can do anything she puts her mind to.


When Riley does something wrong. I tell her that “mommy is so happy when you behave.” I try to encourage her that her good behavior is better than bad behavior. I also encourage her to try new things. When we first started dance class, she wouldn’t even speak to the other children. She would just stand frozen in the circle as everyone else said their name and how old they are. Each day after we left dance class I would have a conversation with her and tell her that I believed in her and that she could excel in dance class. I tell her that I am proud of her and that she is a big girl. Seven months in dance class and she is excelling!

I Pray For Her

Before she was even born, I prayed for her. I thank God every day for the privilege of being her mother. I remind Riley even if I have to discipline her that no matter what I love her and that we are blessed.

How do you speak life into your children?



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