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Night Time Routine For Curlkalon Crochet Braids

The key to keeping your Curlkalon Crochet braids looking their best is all about having a good night-time routine. I plan to keep my Curlkalon Crochet braids for at least 4 weeks. Your night-time routine doesn’t have to be difficult or take up a lot of time. My night-time routine is very easy and simple and only takes a few minutes.

Here is what you will need:

  • Oil for your scalp
  • Satin Bonnet
  • Satin Scrunchies for pineappling (optional)

curlkalon saniya curl

Step One

Oil your scalp before bed every night. I do this to ensure that I am taking care of my scalp and that it stays moisturized during my protective styling.

Step Two

Pineapple your hair. I find that this helps maintain the curl pattern. I pineapple my hair in two pony tails at thee top, and leave the back out. You can pineapple your entire head if you like.

how to pineapple crochet braids

Step Three

Place bonnet over your hair and push to the back to make sure you don’t flatten during sleeping

curlkalon with bonnet

Steep Four

Sleep Tight! Repeat!

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Each morning I make sure to release my pineapples and fluff the hair and viola! The hair doesn’t get scrunched and maintains its curls very well. Check out my video on my night-time routine below!

[nz_youtube id=”gtaKDmtU7-8″ width=”” /]


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