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Wash Day Essentials Every Natural Girl Needs

Do you have any favorite wash day essentials? I have been natural for about seven years. In the beginning wash days were something that I dreaded because I made it so difficult for myself. But let me tell you, wash day does not have to be difficult. Once I found what worked for me, my wash days became a breeze. I have several accessories that are a must for me on wash day. Check out some of my wash day essentials that make my wash day a breeze!

Natural Hair Wash Day Essentials

Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush

Let me tell you that this is the ONLY brush you will need for your wash day. This brush works on all types of hair. The Detangler Brush’s flexi-bristles enable fluid movement, allows the brush to move with your hair with ease! I know you are probably worried that it will pull out your hair, nope not even! Thank me later 🙂

Thermal Care Hot Head

This is a MUST HAVE on wash days. Especially since your girl’s steamer is down and out at the moment. This is a great alternative to steaming. It allows you the freedom to do what you need to do while also getting the best deep conditioning session. If you are looking for a way to get the best deep conditioning session at home get you one today. It uses heat-producing flaxseed to give you a “salon quality” deep conditioning right at home! Talk about a winner!

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Old Cotton T-Shirt

Get your boo’s old cotton t-shirt and use it to dry your hair. This is a natural hair hack that I have learned really works and is better for your hair than the typical towel to dry your hair. It won’t create frizz and will help to get that excess water out of your hair in preparation for styling.


These are a lifesaver! When styling your hair, you definitely don’t want to have all your hair in the way when you are focusing on one area of your hair. Clips help you section off your hair and get the job done.

Plastic Caps

Also known as shower caps. These are essential for my deep conditioning sessions! Covering your hair with a plastic cap while you pre-poo or deep conditioning your hair will help you add some heat. By wearing a plastic cap you will generate heat and increase the benefit of your deep conditioning session and allow the conditioner to penetrate your hair shaft. I have also used a target plastic bag if I run out of plastic caps, don’t judge I know you have done it too!

So now that you know some of my wash day essentials, what are a few of yours?

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