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LivSo a New Solution For Dry and Itchy Scalp

I recently got the opportunity to try out a new product line on the market named LivSo. LivSo was created by Board-certified Dermatologist Shari Hicks-Graham, MD.

She created this line because she saw many men and women with curly hair who struggled with itchy and flaky scalp. I suffer from the dry scalp, so the struggle is real when trying to find products that work best for my dry scalp.

Hicks-Graham created the LivSo product line to help people with curly and kinky hair look and feel their best. Her goal is to make a genuine difference in the lives of people who suffer from dry and itchy scalp. I tested the products, and I will say that I am impressed. My scalp felt amazing, and the products did not dry out my hair. Check out the interview below with Dr. Hicks-Graham, MD.

Abut LivSo

Why did you create LivSo?

I created LivSo to help people who suffer from dry, itchy scalp.  It is a product system composed of a Moisturizing Shampoo, Conditioner, and Lotion for Dry Scalp.  The products soothe the irritation and flaking without drying out the hair the way, so many other products do.

What makes your product line different from others on the market?

Our product line is different because it was developed for itchy dry scalp, but offers the spa-like features of a moisturizing sulfate-free system.  Additionally, it was designed to respect the qualities of all hair types, especially curly or kinky hair.  The sulfate free shampoo lathers, and leaves the scalp feeling fresh and clean, removing flakes and scale.  The conditioner richly detangles and softens the hair.  A unique aspect of the product line is the moisturizing lotion.  It contains soothing ceramides and aloe vera, along with willow bark extract to help with the flaking.  The use of the lotion immediately after shampooing and conditioning, before drying and styling are recommended. It also may be applied directly to the scalp throughout the week for ongoing touchups between shampoos.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs?

I encourage young entrepreneurs to find an industry that speaks to their interests in a deep way.  As your workload increases, it will be easier to be successful if they are connected meaningfully to the mission.

What is your inspiration for your brand?

My patients are the inspiration for LivSo.  Over the years, they have taught me about what the real issues are, and the struggles faced.  I consider it my charge to develop solutions for those concerns.

Have you heard of LivSo? If you suffer from dry and itchy scalp you should give it a try!


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