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My College Degree Does Not Define Me

Go to school they say, you will get a good paying job they say, go into a field that pays well they say! I decided to pursue Healthcare a job where I would always have a job right?

I currently have a Master of Health Administration degree that I am not using at all. Meaning, I no longer work in the field of healthcare, and I don’t ever want to return to that field. I graduated with a degree two degrees that I don’t plan on using. I have a pretty piece of paper hanging on my wall in a frame plus a LOAD of student loan debt. I have no further plans of putting my credentials to use.

As with many people, I was told to get a degree in a field that would pay “good” money and where I would have a secure job. But as we know, no job is really “secure.” I graduated grad school 6 years ago and landed a job with a salary that I thought I would make coming out of grad school just last year but was let go from that job. It wasn’t “secure” at all.

I worked in healthcare straight out of undergrad and went back to pursue my Master’s degree with no break. I worked in healthcare for 8 years and never felt it was my calling. I continued to stay because I thought it was safe and it was what I went to school for so I thought I should stay in that field.

I started my blog in 2012 and never realized how impactful it would be in my life. I started out and didn’t even know I could make a dime writing and sharing my life online. It wasn’t until my recent job loss that the tables turned and I started to see things differently. While some who go to school will stick in the field, they went to school for in a job they can’t stand, I decided healthcare wasn’t for me and took a leap of faith to pursue blogging full-time. For me, my change was forced which I am so grateful for! I love blogging and never thought I could make a career around what I love to do.  I have a Masters degree that I am not even using, and I currently work in the beauty industry.

The standard thing to do to get a job related to your degree. Healthcare Administration majors believe they are supposed to get Healthcare Management jobs. Like I said earlier I didn’t get the salary paying job I thought I was going to get straight after my Masters until a year ago. I only stayed in healthcare because at first, I felt like if I didn’t work in healthcare anymore, my family would ask why I went to school and then ended up changing my mind (which is what happened anyway). Of course, your family won’t always understand your choices. I had some say, but you got a degree in healthcare why are you working in social media? I’ve soon come to realize that some of my family may never completely understand my mindset because they are from a different background and generation, and that’s ok

Success and happiness are the end goal for everyone, but the difference is the definitions of both terms have changed and evolved over the years. In my parents’ generation, it was not about achieving fulfillment in your job or loving what you do. Their idea of happiness was having a job, and being able to pay the bills with no issues and just getting by. To be financially stable was thought to be some magic that would end all the problems.

It’s crazy and scary to think that I spent years in school plus a ton of money on a degree that I won’t end up using, but it happens, and I am ok with that. I am not ashamed that I am not currently using my degree. I am glad I was forced to pursue my passion! I was happy that I was forced to do a non-traditional job!

I decided my choice of a major was not for me and that’s ok. The purpose of me getting my Masters degree was meeting my husband. It had a greater purpose than what I thought LOL! I also learned valuable lessons and life skills in college which I am so grateful for.

So all in all I’m am happy that I can pursue what I am interested in and what makes me feel fulfilled and happy! I’m working to become the woman that I want to be, and not the person that other people want me to be (family included). I am saying all of this to say if you change your mind its ok! It is never too late to pursue your dreams!

Don’t let someone who gave up on their dreams, talk you out of going after yours.

Trough everything I learned that my degree and major do not define me and what I am capable of accomplishing. If you find something that makes you happy and feels that it is your purpose, pursue it. Don’t let anyone stop you from following your dreams!


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