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5 Reasons Why All Moms Need Me Time

Me time, what is that you ask? If you are a mother, then you know that me time is few and far in between. I am a mom of an almost 3-year-old and sometimes things can get crazy! Sometimes, I feel guilty when I want to step away for some time to myself, but I have learned that I can no longer skip out on having time alone. Being a mom is a rewarding job, but it is also hard at times. Taking care of yourself is one of the most important gifts you can give to your children, family, and yourself.

Self-care is a daily struggle for me, but I realize how important it is. I never saw my mother take the time to care for herself, which is why I have a hard time practicing self-care. This year I told myself that it is essential that I have sacred time to myself.

Here is why me-time and self- care is so important.

You Deserve It!

Yes, you deserve time to yourself, to relax and enjoy the things you like to do BY YOURSELF! As moms, we often feel that we are too busy or have other things on our plate that are more important than me time, so we put it off as long as possible. I recently began scheduling in my me time on the calendar so that when the day approaches, I will have time.

It Improves your Mood

When you find yourself irritated at the smallest things, it could be due to lack of self-car. Being a wife and mom is a busy job. Sometimes we need a break from it all, and that is ok. If you are feeling blah, it could be because you haven’t recharged. Sometimes we need to recharge and refuel, and you can’t help everyone else on empty. Read a book, get a manicure with your girlfriends. Please understand that Me time doesn’t mean you have to go be by yourself, it just means that you need to put your own needs on the on the list.

It Helps You Express Gratitude

Sometimes with all the running around, it can be hard just to sit and think about what you are grateful for. Sometimes it is hard to see how blessed we are because we are just so busy. Taking me time allows me to clear my mind and express gratitude. I am so blessed and grateful for my family.

Helps You Focus

Let’s face it, and sometimes it can be hard to focus with so much going on. My daughter has dance class, I have work, travel, and my husband has basketball and real estate deals weekly. There is always so much on my mind that sometimes it can be hard to focus.

You Can’t Help Others Until You Help Yourself

If you are no good, then it will be hard to care for your family to your best ability. If you are running low on fumes how will you be the best mom to your kids or the best wife to your husband? Take time for yourself and know that it is ok.

When was the last time that you took time for yourself?



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