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I Was Told My Hair Would Never Be The Same After Having a Baby

Three years ago I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Since then my hair has been through many changes including postpartum hair loss and thinning. I even had to learn to care for my hair all over again after my pregnancy.

Fast forward to 2016, and I was dealing with stress on top of hormonal changes. I had no idea that my hormones could still be out of wack years after having my child. My body was not quite back to normal yet. I noticed, even more, changes with my hair and ended up deciding to cut my damaged hair and start over fresh.

As you can see, this natural hair journey is a journey in itself. After I had my baby in 2014, I met with a professional to discuss my issues with my hair. I voiced my concerns about my hair loss and hair changes. I asked if my hair would ever return to how it was before. I was told that my hair would never be as thick as it used to be and my hair was changing.

Advice: Get a Second Opinion!

I’ll be honest with you after I was told this I felt defeated I didn’t know how to feel. I was discouraged but I also knew that there could be more than one answer or a difference of opinion from someone else. I decided to get a second opinion, and it was much different. I was told this time that my hair would eventually return to how it was pre-baby and that it would just take some time. I felt relieved knowing that I got two opinions and would wait it out to see what happens to my hair. Always get a second opinion.

So if you are going through a similar situation, don’t give up. Keep consistent with your regimen and know that it may take some time for your hair to return back to “normal”. Our bodies go through a ton of changes during pregnancy, and also well after. I had no idea that I could feel effects up to two years after having my daughter. I am happy to report though that my hair is regaining thickness and thriving!!

Have you dealt with post-baby hair changes?

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