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The power of giving and why it’s important to give to those in need around the holidays.

This post is sponsored by The Salvation Army. All opinions are my own.

Family is so important to me and around the holidays I am reminded how blessed I am to be able to spend the holidays with my loved ones. The reality is, that everyone is not as fortunate as I am. There are people who cannot be with their families, or those who don’t have family or shelter during the holidays.

I am married and we have a young daughter and I would say that we are very blessed to have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, and food in our stomachs. It’s important that I teach her that not everyone is as fortunate as we are. It’s not about all the gifts you can get or the most expensive gift you can give for your significant other. It’s about giving back to help those in need. A donation makes a difference, and this holiday season I am teaming up with The Salvation Army Chicago to help spread awareness of the power of giving and donating this holiday season.

The Salvation Army Chicago serves communities in Chicago, Northern Illinois and Lake County, Indiana by providing a wide array of services from emergency financial assistance, grocery assistance through food pantries, educational and recreational programs for children, adults and seniors, and also leadership training and character development for youth. During the holiday season, The Salvation Army encourages people in the area to donate or volunteer to help support these programs.

The Salvation Army offers many different services and programs. The programs and services they offer differ to meet the unique needs of the people in the communities that they serve. I love the fact that The Salvation Army takes a holistic approach to Doing the Most Good where there is the most need. They do this without discrimination. Whether it be disaster relief, emergency assistance, substance abuse rehabilitation, the homeless, or educational programs for children – they serve everyone.

I was happy to learn that The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division is the largest direct provider of social services to people in need in the Greater Chicago area. There are so many people in need in the Chicago area and it’s a great thing to have organizations like this to help. The Salvation Army has been serving the Chicago area for more than 125 years.

With everything The Salvation Army does to help others I definitely knew that I needed to be a part in helping donate for a great cause this holiday season. There are so many people who are in need and giving back by donating or volunteering at The Salvation Army will help so many this holiday season. So join me in donating or even volunteering at your local Salvation Army to help make a difference and support those in need.

How will you help those in need this holiday season?

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