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A Daily Reminder To The Amazing Moms

I’m not going to lie, this mom thing can be hard sometimes. Half the time I have no idea what I am doing. Half the time I question myself if I am good enough to be a mom. Parenting is hard, there are good times, and there are rough times, but it’s amazing.

Sometimes I get so emotional when my child doesn’t listen to me but easily listens to her dad and wonder what I am doing wrong. I get upset when she won’t eat, and I blame myself, or when she wants cookies for breakfast, and I give in and feel like I failed. I just think that moms tend to be more emotional and also sometimes parent emotionally (well I do lol). I feel very emotionally connected to my daughter and her well being and sometimes I get so worked up.

I’m a rookie in this moming game being only a parent for three years. I’ve struggled, I’ve cried, I’ve thrown stuff, I’ve gotten angry, I’ve felt sad. But I’ve also laughed, loved so hard and gave so much. But what I do know that no matter what I am an amazing MOMMA!

Sometimes as moms we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We think the worst and think we are doing everything wrong because someone else told us the right way. This parenting thing does not come with a manual of right or wrong ways to parent. We only go off of what others tell us or their advice, which is not always right! Believe me, I’ve had my fair share thinking I’m a horrible mom because someone told me that I was supposed to parent a certain way.

Dear fellow Moms, YOU ARE AMAZING!

To all my moms out there I see you being awesome though! Us moms are amazing, and we are rocking this thing out ok! This is your reminder of how awesome you are. Keep moming like a boss! From one mom to another, girl you got this!

Love yall!!



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