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Best Tips For Traveling with Natural Hair

Traveling with natural hair

Summer is over but that doesn’t mean that traveling season is over. This weekend I am in Atlanta for a conference. When traveling with natural hair, there are so many thoughts running through your mind. What should you pack, what hairstyle will you wear? Will my hair turn out right? Don’t stress about it but you need to come up with a plan for your hair while you are traveling. Check out some of my best tips on traveling with natural hair.

Don’t Try a New Style 

Ok girl, now is not the time to try out that bantu knot out that never worked for you before or try to perfect that wash and go. You need to stick with the styles that you have tried out several times and that you know will turn out the way you like.

Pack Light

While on vacation you will want to have products accessible to you that serve many purposes, but don’t pack the entire kitchen sink. Use small travel containers and pour your existing products into them. This not only saves money but it a space saver as well!

Protective Styling

Traveling with a protective style is the way to go but sometimes it’s not always an option. I myself like to at least travel with twists that I will unravel when I get to my destination. That way, you will ensure that your hair will be dry and your style will come out like you want!

Don’t Forget Your Bonnet

Girl, just because you are on a trip doesn’t mean you neglect your night-time routine! You need to keep your hair in tact for the rest of the trip. Make sure you pack your satin bonnet or satin pillowcase for protection.

Hair Accessories

Also, make sure you always have bobby pins on deck. You never know when you may have to improvise and create a quick up-do in hurry! I usually carry bobby pins in my purse!

What tips do you have for traveling with natural hair?

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