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6 Curly Girl Techniques You Should Know

Do you know about all the curly girl techniques for natural hair? I am an OG curly girl in the natural hair game, and I started my transition in 2009. If you are a new natural, then you may be wondering about some of the natural hair lingo or natural hair terms and techniques that are our there.

Well, I am here to give you some knowledge on a few well-known natural hair techniques that you should know about.Whether you are transitioning or doing the Big Chop, these are some techniques that you should know about.

curly girl techniques

The Baggy Method

The Baggyy method is aimed to add moisture to your hair. It involves applying a moisturizer to the ends of your hair and cover your hair with a plastic cap for 15- 3o minutes. Then proceed to wash your hair. This method is called “baggying” because it helps to capture moisture. This method can be done two ways: your entire head, or just on your ends only. After you remove the plastic cap apply your favorite oil to seal in the moisture.


Pineappling is a  quick nighttime styling method to help you preserve your hair at night and be able to achieve multiple days of your hairstyle. To pineapple, you can gather all of your hair and loosely place it in a ponytail, or you can do multiple pineapples depending on the length of your hair. Cover with a satin bonnet or scarf.


Pre-pooing is when you apply an oil, conditioner or a mix to your hair before you wash to help with moisture. Pre-pooing helps with moisture, detangling and protects and softens your hair.


Scrunching is when you gather sections of your hair together and crunch your hair in an upward motion. This helps to clump your curls or curl the ends of your hair.


This method is used typically for wash and gos and to distribute product through the hair. Shingling is when you use your fingers to distribute the product through your hair to help enhance your curl definition.


Plopping is when you use a t-shirt to dry your hair. This helps to speed up the drying time and also reduces frizz.

What are some curly girl methods you swear by?




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