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Moisturizing Deep Conditioners and Protein Deep Conditioners : What You need to Know

I know you are probably thinking is this another post on deep conditioning? The answer is yes, this is another post on deep conditioners. Deep conditioning is always a very important part of my healthy hair regimen. Deep conditioning helps to keep your hair moisturized and it also helps to strengthen your strands, so it shouldn’t be overlooked when completing your regimen. I deep condition my hair once a week to keep my hair healthy and thriving. Did you know that there are two different types of deep conditioners for your hair? Moisturizing deep conditioners and protein deep conditioners?

Moisture and protein are both very important components to healthy hair and also length retention. You need to figure out which deep conditioner works best for you and when you should be using it. Let us take a look at the difference of moisturizing deep conditioners and protein deep conditioners and what you need to know.

Moisturizing Deep conditioners & Protein Deep Conditioners

Deep conditioners for natural hair

Moisturizing Deep Conditioners

This type of deep conditioner does exactly what it says “moisturize”. Moisturizing deep conditioners help to infuse our hair with guess what?…. WATER! A good moisturizing deep conditioner will usually have water as the first ingredient. Moisturizing deep conditioners typically make the hair very soft and easy to manage. A few of my favorite moisturizing deep conditioners include:

Protein Deep Conditioners

Protein deep conditioners help to strengthen your hair. During the styling and manipulation process, you lose protein in your hair. Protein deep conditioners are important because they help with the moisture protein balance in your hair. If you have low porosity hair like myself, then you want to limit the frequency of your protein deep conditioning sessions. Protein deep conditioners also help to decrease shedding.

Some of my favorite protein deep conditioners include:

What you need to know:

You definitely should incorporate both moisturizing deep conditioners and protein deep conditioners into your hair regimen. If your hair is basically healthy then you should be using a moisturizing deep conditioner most of the time. I currently use a protein deep conditioner once or twice a month to help balance out the moisture and protein in my hair. It has been working well for me but of course you need to try things yourself to see what works best for your hair. Just remember adding too much protein to your hair can be a bad thing and cause more breakage. The last thing you want is a protein overload.

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Which type of deep conditioner are you using and why?




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