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8 Tips For Defined Twist Outs


Looking for a defined twist out? Tired of your twist outs coming out blah? Did you take that one twist down and it just wasn’t the way you wanted? Well fret no more! I want to dish my tips on how I create a defined twist out. It takes major practice and patience. When I first started my twist outs were not popping. Believe me, it took a thorough process of trial and error to get my twist outs right every time. Here is what I learned.

Start on wet hair

I know most of you like to start on stretched hair. But starting on wet hair will allow your twists to “set”. I almost always start on soaking wet clean hair.

Incorporate the LOC Method 

The LOC Method a method an abbreviation for the order in which you use your products on your hair. in the LOC method you use a leave in conditioner, an oil and moisturizing cream styling product. The LOC method layers your products, which helps to maintain moisture retention. This will leave your twist out looking shiny!

Find the right styling product 

Once you find the right products that work for your hair stick with them. I like to use foams and cremes for my twist outs. These products work best for my hair.

Twist your hair tightly 

For the best definition I use this method. As I twist my hair, I am also twisting my hair with my first finger and thumb in the opposite direction. You want to make sure your hair is very tight. I often place a rod on the ends to secure my hair is tight and for more definition for my ends. Check out my video here.

Twist in the direction you want your hair to fall

If you want your twists to fall to the front you need to twist your hair towards the front. If you want them to fall to the sides you want to twist to that particular side.

Let your Hair completely dry before removing twists

I think this probably the most important step. I have had many failed twist outs because my hair didn’t dry all the way. I usually leave my twists in for a day and then unravel them. You can speed up your drying time by sitting under a hooded dryer.

Don’t fluff too much (just fluff roots for volume)

You don’t want to separate or fluff your hair too much and disturb the definition of the twists.  I separate just enough for the volume I desire. I then just fluff the roots for big hair. I love BIG hair 🙂

Preserve Your twists by pineappling at night with a satin bonnet

Lastly, preserve those pretty curls by pineappling your hair with your satin bonnet. I usually can get 3rd or 4th day hair out of my twistouts. See how I pineapple my hair here.

What Methods Do You Use For The Most Defined Twist Out?


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