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4 Helpful Natural Hair Hacks



Natural Hair Hack you say?

A hack is a strategy or technique that is adopted in order to complete an activity in a more efficient way. So of course there are hacks within the natural hair world! Over the years I have learned several hacks that I wish I learned when I first went natural. They have helped me so much with my journey! Here are a few and I hope they help you too! Checkout these 4 helpful natural hair hacks.

1. Drying your hair with a T-Shirt

Tired of your hair being frizzy from towel drying? Well next time you dry your hair, use an old cotton t-shirt. Thats right, the old high school gym shirt that you still have that has that one hole in it… use that! When your hair is wet, it is softer and also weaker in this state. When you use a towel to dry your hair this causes friction. Towel drying also absorbs ALL the moisture from the hair. Which causes the hair to become frizzy. Drying with a T-Shirt will absorb water and prevent your hair from becoming frizzy.

2. Using the Poofit for my Top Knot Bun & Updos

Never heard of the poofit? OMG it is a savior for me. Are you tired of  breaking headbands or using pantyhose to pull your hair into a high puff or create your high bun? Well I have been using the poofit. Its 100% satin and its amazing!

3. Dry your hair before you blow dry

Let your hair dry a little before blow drying to help aid in the process. Also always make sure to use a comb attachment. Start from the bottom up. This will help prevent breakage.

4. Detangle your hair in sections

You probably already knew this one! Make sure your hair is still wet when you detangle. This will help with breakage! I part my hair in 4 sections and apply my conditioner mostly finger detangle. I then follow-up with a denman brush to get the rest of the job done.

What are some hair hacks that you recommend?

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