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My Favorite Black-Owned Beauty Brands

With a few days left in February, this Black History Month has been a great one. I make sure to show support of Black-Owned businesses in my household 365 days a year I wanted to highlight some of my favorite Black- Owned beauty brands. I love going to my local Target, CVS, Walgreen’s and Sally’s seeing all of the Black- Owned hair and beauty brands on the shelves. It makes me smile to see how far the beauty industry has…

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HEN HAIR & BEAUTY natural hair Product Review

Product Review | Jane Carter Curls To Go + Wash & Go

Jane Carter Curls To Go

Do you have super curly and coily hair?  Jane Carter dropped a new product line made just for us super curly girls called Curls To Go. This line is ideal for curly girls with type 4a-4c hair. I am sure you have noticed the buzz on the internet about this new line, and from what I have seen so far everyone is simply impressed with this new line. I was super excited when Jane Carter reached out to me to…

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HEN HAIR & BEAUTY natural hair

My 2017 Hair Goals

We are a month into 2017, and I have been thinking about what my hair goals will be for this year. Now that I’ve had a few weeks to think about it, and I want to make sure I do better this year with my hair than in 2016 so I have decided to set some goals for my hair. I believe that setting goals are a good way for me to keep my hair in good health for this year. So…

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HEN HAIR & BEAUTY natural hair Transitioners

Top 10 Tips For Transitioning From Relaxed To Natural

Hi, guys! I dropped a new YouTube video on my channel that is all about tips for transitioning from relaxed to natural. Transitioning can be a very tough journey but I am here to give you a few of the tips that helped me transition. I transitioned for 24 months before I cut the remaining relaxed ends from my hair. But, stick in there you can do it! I know it may seem rough now, but in the end it…

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HEN HAIR & BEAUTY natural hair

10 Products Under $10 For Natural Hair

If you are looking for 10 Products under $10 for natural hair, you are in the right place! Are you a product junkie that is always looking for new products for your natural hair? Are you always on the hunt for a good bargain? Tired of spending tons of coins on products? Well look no further, I have compiled a list of 10 natural hair products under $10 that work! I’ve been natural since 2009, I have tried my fair…

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