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Natural Hair Hack: Temporary Hair Color Using Maybelline Eye Tattoo

I know you are thinking of life hacks, simple things that we would never think of that make our lives easier!  This isn’t a life hack, but it’s a #naturalhairhack. I actually just made that up LOL! Yes a natural hair hack!! Have you ever wanted to color your hair  blonde, red or a bold color but you were too afraid or couldn’t because of your job? Or maybe you didn’t  want to permanently color your hair? Well I have the solution for you…. Temporary Hair color with EYESHADOW! *stands for applause, and bow* LOL!

Details: You can read all about the color used here:

You can purchase from your local Walmart, Target, or drugstore! Cost $6


Best to use on dry hair. I used it on an old rod set 🙂 You can use gloves if you don’t want to create a mess, otherwise DIG IN! Wherever you want the color use a generous amount to cover the hair.

To Remove: Wash your hair as usual. Color washes out easily.

Let me know what you think if you try it out!!

Check out some pictures of my Purple highlights Below!




2015-07-13 22.13.00IMG_0880IMG_0881

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