Groupon Introduces BeautyNow an Easy Way To Book Beauty Services

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Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you could book your beauty services right at your fingertips? Well, I found out that Groupon just unveiled a super easy way to book your beauty services. With BeautyNow feature, you can easily book your beauty services, enjoy discounted appointments right from your smartphone. If you’re based in Chicago, download the Groupon app and select “Salon & Spa Booking” at the top to start booking!”


In fact, it’s super easy. You can get to the BeautyNow feature right from your Groupon app, it lives in the Groupon app and can be found through salon & spa booking. I love it because you can search for several beauty services. In my case, I wanted to get a pedicure so I searched for local spas and nail salons.

You can search for beauty services by typing in the category you want to book. Once you see the BeautyNow screen, you are able to see all the categories under the BeautyNow feature that you can choose from. You can get to this by looking for salon & spa booking at the top of the Groupon app.


I then choose the service, date and time that I wanted my service. The BeautyNow feature also has a cashless payment which is great. You just enter your card into the app for fast and seamless checkout. You will need no payment afterward, and the tip is also handled for you!! How cool is this? I know I love it because I never carry cash, so it’s easier for me. I have peace of mind knowing my appointment is taken care of and also that the tip is covered.


It’s that easy! Beauty at your fingertips! I had a wonderful experience visiting Huron Nails, and I will return. The service was quick, and the quality was amazing.


I have a special treat for all of you! Use the BeautyNow and save!! Use the code (THAMES10) to receive $10 off your Groupon!


Enjoy your beauty services!! If you have the Groupon app on your phone, click here to go straight to the experience.

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