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Cheating a Bantu Knot Out!

bantu- knot-out

I love the way bantu knots look but I can never get them right! They always come out horrible on my hair. You ever try a style so many times and it just doesn’t work for you? You want that look so you cook up how to get it doing something different?  Kind of a hack, a different way to get a similar look! Well that’s exactly what I did! I cheated the bantu knot out! Yay me!

I love the bantu knot look, but they never come out right for me! UGH! So I deicded to cheat and get the look with a flexi rod set 🙂

Style Details:
1. Started with freshly washed and conditioned hair
2. Lightly blow dried hair on cool setting using a heat protectant
3. Applied product to hair
4. Twisted hair in a rolling motion as I twisted it around flexi rod (similar to bantu knots or crochet braids method)
5. and the final result! Defined curls similar to wand curls or a bantu knot out


I used Lottabody Love me 5-n-1 Miracle Styling crème for heat protection (it also works as a detangler) information found here:
I styled with Lottabody Moisture Me curl and style Milk
Slept in a pineapple with a satin bonnet
Lasted 2 days (would have been longer but I fell asleep without it one night… blame it on the kid!) LOL



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  • Angelina
    September 21, 2016 at 11:08 am

    Your results came out amazing! I will definitely try this out. Bantu knot outs never work for me, but this technique looks promising. Thanks for sharing!

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